12 JANUARY 2012

The OpenAIRE “Studies on Subject-Specific Requirements for Open Access Infrastructures” highlight the subject-specific requirements to get an in-depth understanding of today’s research infrastructures and future needs. They cover five different disciplines, that of

The study is published as a book and individual chapters, consisting of
  1. an introduction
  2. six subject-specific case studies from highly qualified subject specialists
  3. a comparative conclusionThe case studies address the correlation between subject specificity, Open Access and infrastructure. They show principles of existing research infrastructures and draw conclusions for a roadmap.



Open Access Overview


13 APRIL 2011

What is Open Access?

Open Access is the immediateonlinefree availability of research outputs without restrictions on use commonly imposed by publisher copyright agreements. Open Access includes the outputs that scholars normally give away for free for publication; it includes peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers and datasets of various kinds.

Why Open Access?

Here are some of the advantages of Open Access:


Intervento di Ilaria Fava “L’iniziativa europea sull’Open Access attraverso OpenAIRE”

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