da Paolo Manzelli Director of LRE/EGO-CreaNet – University of Florence

Advances in nano-scale-science includes to focus the Entanglement
in nano and bio-molecular systems.

Quantum entanglement becomes the structure that connects as in ‘ancient philosophy of Tao was the concept of Yin / Yang The Goal of EGOCREANET ( is to open a debate to sharing innovation and hypotheses on the future of nano-science to provide a forum for researchers and industry managers to exchange and discuss latest and future design and analysis for nano-scale science Namely, we are interested in establishing the feasibility and characteristics of Quantum – Entanglement in nano-scale dimension opening a networking through the trans-disciplinary application of the concept of entanglement in bonding structures exteded to cultural and science design, modelling in art and science and visual simulation of nano-scale innovation. A particular focus of such open debate will be to the issues of Quantum Entenhlement theory regarding, quantum molecular entanglement in nano-scale,and to other relevant topics including: quantum coherence in delocalized bond structures and quantum entanglement in nanoscale dot- systems etc.. .

Paolo Manzelli OC/24/2011-Firenze

— Note about the entanglement in nano-scale science —

One of most peculiar properties of Quantum Physiscs is focused on the Entanglement that get the possibility to built up special quantum shared states based on delocalized electon’s field. In fact Entanglement permits to change the degre of localization of quantum/wave particles; in fact also during a spatial separation of pairwise electrons quantum entanglement generate a new partial localized conjugate-systems of bonding atoms. The entanglement activity can evolve in strenght and in coherence of sinultanety properties of mixed delocalized states and/or in the successive decay to localized single states in function of some noises (temperature and other interferences) that dis-entangled the stability in the time-scale of the simultaneity co-existence of entangled states . To investigate on the properties innovation of entanglement effects I think that good experimental information can be obtaied looking at the spectum of emission induced by lasers and measured in femto-seconds (Femto-chemistry). In fact this fast-method of investigation can give information observed exactly what happens at the molecular level during a chemical reaction. So that ultrafast molecular dynanics in future can permit to deeply understand the effect of entangled hybridization of elecron’s field (in some way similar to the mettallic bond) caused by the overposition of electron orbitals to create the molecular bonding in the nano-scale dimension.

* Femto-chemistry

Paolo Manzelli 25/OCT/2011



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